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Akira Fubuki is one of the most well known AV girls outside of Japan. A combination of big eyes and big tits makes her a real standout from the crowd and popular in the West. A few years ago when I discovered this little hottie online I recall there being quite a bit of biographical information about her. But now as I search what google has on offer I come across only a sickening amount of spam. So off the top of my head, Akira was involved in the Japanese AV industry only for a short period before getting out and never being heard from again. She was in a few memorable films such as Dressy, Sexual Attractive, Sexual Performance, So Long and many more available at Dynamix for download. Her measurements, if this is accurate, are 33-22-33, she stands at a whole of 5 foot and 1 inch, and by all accounts and my own personal visual inspection(s) her breasts are all natural. My own personal theory is that she ended up in the harem of a midget by name of Kim Jong Il. I can't say I blame the guy, but he can't blame me for the rescue attempt I am determined to one day launch. Being born in March of 1978 Miss Akira Fubuki has many years of beauty ahead of her, unfortunately not to be shared on screen with us :(

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Well that's enough of the encyclopedic chat, lets get down to the good stuff.

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An excellent question my friends. You've come top the right place, for your quest ends here. Below I've gathered all the best pics of Akira Fubuki to go along with links to the best sites to download her av videos. Miss Fubuki was kind enough to to leave us with hundreds and hundreds of great pictures of her naked and hardcore sex porn videos before her early departure from the AV Idol business to accompany her hardcore videos.

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